Exercising in the water

Aqua Aerobics is one of many great exercises that provide a low cardiovascular workout. This is a way to lose weight and gain strength all over the entire body. Exercising in the water is for the young and the old, amateurs and advanced. Aquatic exercise is proven to prevent pain and promote healing the natural buoyancy of water dramatically reduces tension and pressure on the body and eliminates stress on the joints and muscles. Water motion gives many people a respite from chronic pain and stiffness, improves circulation, increased flexibility and relieves muscle spasms.

The human body consists of over 65 percent water. Water can be therapeutic in many ways, rehabilitating and can improve health overall. You can stay in shape even if you are plagued with leg, joint, bone, foot, knee, psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, this will help relieve pain. Aqua exercises involve repetitive motion that aims to build flexibility to achieve an aerobic condition for cardiovascular benefits. People with health problems such as back problems, injuries or even disabilities can also maintain their fitness routine by doing simple exercises in the water.

You will experience hard work and fun exercises. The dynamics of aqua aerobics are not simple movements that can be done by all. Aqua aerobics can be highly challenging and effective for people of all ages. .


  • People who have a delicate health condition
  • It’s refreshing, minimizes the body’s overheating and perspiration
  • Facilitates movement and places less stress on the limbs
  • Provides increased resistance
  • Alternative medicine for sports injuries
  • Functional retraining
  • Balance enhancement
  • Improve peripheral circulation
  • Support of immobile people
  • Recovery from surgery or complex trauma
  • Movement improvement

Pregnant- Aqua aerobics during pregnancy will ease childbirth pain and speed up the whole process of delivery. Research has proved that aqua aerobics during pregnancy has no harmful effect. These exercises help women into better psycho/physical condition.


  • Less pain medication during childbirth
  • Easier delivery
  • Prevents spider veins on your legs
  • Ease the weight of the baby on your body
  • Keeps stomach muscles strong
  • Helps relax, relieves anxiety, remain calm and sleep well

Enjoy a great workout in cool water led by an experienced instructor.

Aqua Aerobics Picture
Aqua Aerobics Picture