X-Kids Fitness Program

LACK OF P.E. IS HURTING OUR KIDS. Many educators feel that the students need to increase fitness in the school systems. The budget shortfalls along with the focus on academic testing and an abundance of computer and TV time are not in the favor our kids.

X-Kids understand the need for “students to exhibit a physically active lifestyle” and that “physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.”

The goal of this program is to educate, facilitate and provide an avenue for students to participate in an established lifetime of health and fitness habits and goals.

X-Kids deliver fitness and nutritional guidance to our children and youth of all ages to help establish healthy lifestyles. We provide a service to all schools, churches, communities, parks and recreations, private and public health functions. Our program will increase your child’s level of health, balance cardiovascular, flexibility, energy and self-esteem. Starting children out on the right foot with the X-Kids fitness program can prevent childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease risk factors and other diseases. Our goal is to educate little ones today through fun fitness for preschoolers, elementary, middle, and high schools. We are dedicated to instilling healthy habits into the future lives of all children. Young children depend on us to care.

X-Kids Fitness Program will teach children about their bodies and how they work. Topics such as: the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, mouth and nutrition. This physical educational curriculum incorporates aerobics, dance, stretching, gymnastics, sports, strengthening, gross motor skills and balance.

The X-Kids Program will teach about overall health, anatomy, healthy food choices and exercise.

This service is provided to the schools for the convenience of the parents, children and staff. We help promote fitness and healthy eating before, during and after school programs.


Hip Hop Dance
Have fun moving to the music, burning 200-500 calories while learning the latest dance steps.
Weight Training
Muscular strengthening and endurance. The health benefits of exercising are overwhelming.
Nutritional Guidance
You are what you eat! Low cost healthy plans just for you. “Cook your way to a better life”
Boot Camp
Challenges combined with resistance training, circuit training, interval training, and cardiovascular endurance.
Kids In Motion XMADA
Delivering fun and fitness, with healthy eating habits. The human body is designed for movement and physical activity.
Aqua Aerobics XMADA
Working out in the pool is an excellent non-impact way to build strength, reduce body fat, and increase flexibility.
Nutritional Guidance
High-intensity workout, burning 300-600 calories incorporating athletic drills and punches working your entire body.
Pilates XMADA
Work your overall body fitness by elongating muscles and providing balance between body and mind. Build muscle tone!
Caribbean Moves XMADA
Move and groove your body to choreographed Caribbean Beats and calypso moves that are fun.
Sports Training XMADA
Specializing in the areas of Speed, Agility, Quickness Training and Strength.
Swimming Lessons XMADA
Swimming can change your life. Private lessons allow you to learn to swim faster and better.
Become more in touch with your self while stretching, breathing and strengthening your entire body.