Style, Dance and Intensity

Caribbean Rhythms: Choreographed Reggae and Calypso moves that are fun

Dance Party: Choreographed moves to some of your favorite songs Abs, Legs, Buns & Arms: A body toning class for these four areas of the body with the use of lights weights.

Caribbean Boot Camp: 90 min of intense weights & dance all in one class

Through the dances of the festivals, parties, and streets may be the best-known dancing in the islands, travelers searching for more formal routines can find just what they are looking for. However, as is true with many other Caribbean arts, talented dancers often leave the islands looking for opportunities to practice their skills.

The differences in dance styles throughout the Caribbean abound, but there are two main types of national ballets that put on performances throughout the islands. Some specialize in traditional ballets, such as Swan Lake. Others perform folkloric dancing, educating and entertaining travelers with traditional dances from the islands, such as the Jamaican jonkonnu dance.

However, like many of their members, these dance troupes often travel internationally, brining a taste of Caribbean style to places around the world. It may be easier than you think to learn a bit about Caribbean.

Many say no matter where you turn in the Caribbean, you will hear music. Each island has its own particular rhythms, but the result is the same: dance. Some of these styles fuse t o become new styles, but many of their basic elements remain the same.

The history of the Caribbean dance story is that it began with chained slaves, who were forced to drag their heavy foot along as they cut sugar to the beat of the drum.

Come dance with us to the sounds of the islands. Let us inspire new styles into your step. Enjoy a very sexy dance while working out.

Let’s sway to the rhythm!

Caribbean Moves Picture