Burning Calories

Kickboxing Aerobics is a great way to burn hundreds of calories in one hour. Lets us help you shed off those extra pounds. This will help you work out the lower and upper body, increase strength, increase energy, increase muscle tone, flexibility, rang of motion, core strength, reduce your levels of stress and raise your level of self-esteem. This will consist of physical conditioning and toning with no contact between competitors. It’s a cardiovascular workout that has many benefits of the body. This exercise includes jumping jacks, push-ups, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, kicks, core, stretching, muscle conditioning, jump ropes, punching bags, boxing pads, boxing gloves. Kickboxing Aerobics is a high impact, high intensity exercise. A fitness assessment test is required for this session to insure you are at the current fitness level to participate without overexerting yourself.

Kickboxing is self-defense techniques. Our Black Belt Instructors will teach you several techniques that can help protect yourself. Kickboxing is a rigorous workout, controlled punching and kicking movements carried out with the discipline and skills required for martial arts. This can do wonders for feelings of frustration while getting a total body workout also a great way to learn self-defense moves, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. There are so many variations to what you can do, it will keep your mind occupied and make it more enjoyable. Repetition is the key to training and the only way to make things become second nature is by doing it enough. If your goal is to lose a few pounds our Black Belt Instructors will help you achieve your goals, we ask that you make sure you are persistent.

If you are ready to try an exciting fitness experience and work up a sweat, then this is the program for you. Both of these classes are challenging, this is not beyond your reach. Each person can work at his or her own fitness level, we welcome newcomers trying for the first time, just let the instructor know and the adjustment will be made to cater to your needs. This exercise will bring your heart rate up, burn many calories and create a lot of energy.

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