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Being the best athlete that you can be requires skill, determination and aggression. Athletes rely on strength in specific areas of the body to excel in their sport. Training programs are crafted to ensure strength is maximized in these key muscle groups. It’s important to monitor an athlete’s functional state and adaption process. Top level sports performance is based on the need to develop power. Effective strength training for sports performers begin with a working knowledge of basic movement mechanics. The primary basis of strength-power training exercises for an athlete in most sports should be closed kinetic-chain exercises that allow maximum force in gross muscle structure.

One of the most advanced forms of sports training integrates strength training, plyometrics, and sport-specific movements. This type of training activates and works the nervous system and fast twitch muscle fibers simultaneously. The strength exercise activates the fast twitch muscle fibers (responsible for explosive power). The plyometric movement stresses those muscle fibers that have been activated by the strength training movement. During this activated state, the muscles have a tremendous ability to adapt. This form of intense training can teach slow twitch muscle fibers to perform like fast twitch fibers.

Our staff of Sports Specific Trainers will help make anyone a better athlete, improve strength, flexibility and stamina to improve performance. There is no substitute for sport specific training. If an athlete is serious about a sport, they train for their specific position and to peak at the right time of the sport season. Whether a need for speed, a quest for strength or a desire to explode beyond ones expectations, sports specific training gives the athlete the edge they are seeking. It’s about developing physical conditions to improve performance and skills, also understanding the needs of the game, training, practicing at the correct pace, in order to meet sports requirements.


  • Better mechanics
  • Discipline
  • Measurable results
  • Enhanced focus on the sport
  • Healthy approach to sports
  • Physical improvements
  • Psychological improvements

Youth in sports as young as elementary, research can attest exercise and sports can increase a child’s self-esteem and academic performance while decreasing the likelihood of disease and drug use. Amateur sports, athletic participation and proper training for our youth provide a myriad of benefits that focus on fun and they excel in all facets of life.

Let’s work hard and master the skill!

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