Higher your quality of living

Fitness is very important at the adult stages of life. As an adult we get lost in everyday life of living our roles as a parent, spouse, employee, employer or a volunteer to the community but neglect to take time for you. “Something has to give”. In your busy schedule, the first task you eliminate to save time is your plan to exercise.

In your middle-aged years your metabolism slows down. Metabolism is the chemical process that takes oxygen and food and alters those substances to fuel the growth, maintenance, and repair of your body. Your body is not responding like it did when you were younger, the body needs to be maintained and well-exercised to stay in shape. When you eat is just as important as what you eat. In your early 30’s you start to lose muscle mass because your metabolism slows which will cause weight gain. Unless you are taking exercise countermeasures, you gain one to two pounds per year, even with reduced food intake.

The natural progression of aging is accelerated by lack of exercise, muscle depletes and your heart rate pushes up and the body begins to act older than its years. If you stimulate your muscles through exercise and weight training, they respond. If you choose not to exercise the body thinks it’s all over, and then starts shutting down.

You can be fit like you were 20 years ago. If you make the effort to trade your sedentary lifestyle for one that contains the crucial component of physical activity, there is no reason why you can’t turn back the hands of your body clock. MAKE THE COMMITMENT TODAY. You begin by making a commitment to start exercising regularly no less than 3 times per week. Teaming up with our Master Trainers will get you results in 30 days.

Xmada Fitness, Inc. provides a variety of adult programs to fit your goals. People stop working out because they don’t see immediate results. It takes patience and perseverance, energy and enthusiasm, as well as sacrifices and spontaneity.

Our Master Trainers will help you achieve speed, coordination and reaction. Gain muscular strength, endurance and strong core. You will become more flexible, lower body fat and gain lean muscle.

All of our programs provide education on how to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

If you have made up you mind to get in shape. Don’t waste any more time thinking about your body; now is the time to do something about it. Let us help you make a life style change and higher your quality of living.

Underweight – Less than 18
Normal – 18 – 25
Overweight – 25 – 30
Obese – 30 – 40
Extremely Obese – Over 40

Waist over 40 inches for men – DANGER
Waist over 35 inches for woman – DANGER

Sport Picture
Hip Hop Dance
Have fun moving to the music, burning 200-500 calories while learning the latest dance steps.
Weight Training
Muscular strengthening and endurance. The health benefits of exercising are overwhelming.
Nutritional Guidance
You are what you eat! Low cost healthy plans just for you. “Cook your way to a better life”
Boot Camp
Challenges combined with resistance training, circuit training, interval training, and cardiovascular endurance.
Kids In Motion XMADA
Delivering fun and fitness, with healthy eating habits. The human body is designed for movement and physical activity.
Aqua Aerobics XMADA
Working out in the pool is an excellent non-impact way to build strength, reduce body fat, and increase flexibility.
Nutritional Guidance
High-intensity workout, burning 300-600 calories incorporating athletic drills and punches working your entire body.
Pilates XMADA
Work your overall body fitness by elongating muscles and providing balance between body and mind. Build muscle tone!
Caribbean Moves XMADA
Move and groove your body to choreographed Caribbean Beats and calypso moves that are fun.
Sports Training XMADA
Specializing in the areas of Speed, Agility, Quickness Training and Strength.
Swimming Lessons XMADA
Swimming can change your life. Private lessons allow you to learn to swim faster and better.
Become more in touch with your self while stretching, breathing and strengthening your entire body.